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For Producers, Speciality Suppliers, Importers, Wholesalers and Distributors looking for consumer-facing ecommerce, and to sell their products across the entire Clicbox Platform

Are you a supplier looking to add e-commerce to your business? With the Clicbox Supplier option you can sell your own products for home delivery, in addition to selling your products across the Clicbox platform with a Supplier LISTING to other re-sellers.

You can also add partner products or producers to your Clicbox shop. For instance if you are a cheesemaker you might like to add your favourite cider, chutneys or accessories to accompany your cheese.

Costs and Benefits

Your shop selling YOUR products

  • 1-20 of your own products online FREE
  • 21-100 of your own products £35 per month
  • 51-500 of your own products £65 per month
  • >501 of your own products £95 per month
  • Commissions charges by Clicbox on sale of your own products 5%
  • Payment card charge 35p

Set up assist fee: £99 (The Set up assist fee is optional. If you need help, or just someone to save you time, we can assist in setting up your products and getting you online)

Listing your products on the CLICBOX platform FREE

You get free access to the Clicbox platform for your products if you wish to sell your products through other Clicbox Retailers. You set your own retail sales price and commission is charged only when you make a sale. 15% of the 20% goes to the Clicbox Retailer who provided the customer. See Terms & Conditions for further information on how the commission is calculated.

  • Commissions taken by Clicbox on each transaction 20%
  • Payment card charge 35p

Adding Clicbox Suppliers to your shop FREE

  • Commission you receive on sales of products from Clicbox Suppliers 15%